Hearing Impaired Provision


The Hearing Impaired Provision (H.I.P.) opened in September 2012.  It is a well-resourced specialist provision which exists to support deaf students of secondary age.  We aim to help students achieve their full academic potential whilst also placing a strong emphasis on developing their confidence, resilience and social skills.

Communication Policy and ethos

The H.I.P. is primarily an auditory oral provision although sign supported English may be used on occasions.  A strong emphasis is placed on the use of hearing aids and audiological equipment and most students are equipped with FM systems which they are expected to use.  Parents are welcome to come and visit the H.I.P. at any time and meet with students and staff.  Formal procedures for admissions are undertaken by the Local Authority in consultation with the school.

Inclusion and Individual programmes of study

Students are placed in main school tutor groups alongside their hearing peers.  They are usually taught by mainstream subject teachers and are in class for the majority of the time.  Specialist staff provide support in and out of class and help to ensure that the needs of the deaf students are taken into account.  However, students may also be taught in smaller groups or have 1 to 1 teaching from teachers of the deaf or specialist Learning Support Assistants.

H.I.P. based tutorials are often used to consolidate and follow up work.  Students also attend sessions during morning registration when they may work on areas linked to speech and language targets, audiology, literacy or subject specific content which they will be covering in class.  A H.I.P. Late Club where students can get help with their work is open four nights a week after school.

Acoustics and specialist equipment

Dormers Wells High School is a new school building and has been built according to the latest standards on acoustic design.  Carpets have been fitted in most classes and in corridors and the majority of teaching rooms are fitted with soundfield systems.  Student and main reception desks are also fitted with telecoil induction loops for visitors who may be hard of hearing.  FM systems are also used by students.

The H.I.P. teaching suite itself is built to a very high specifications of acoustic design.  It has a suspended ceiling and acoustic wall panels to ensure maximum speech intelligibility for students.  There is also a soundfield and an area for checking and maintenance of hearing aids.  

Deaf Awarness

The school strives to promote Deaf Awareness within the school community as a whole and all new staff are given training in this and in working effectively with deaf students.  Deaf Awareness sessions are also run for all Year 7 tutor groups and H.I.P. students are encouraged to develop a positive self-identity and to be confident about expressing themselves and their needs.  H.I.P. students are taught to be responsible for their equipment and how to manage it and maintain it effectively.

Further Information:

All students with Education, Health and Care Plans or who are statemented for their hearing also have access to regular speech and language therapy and to other services as and when required.


Ms S Davies:            Specialist Learing Support Assistant

Ms J Laporte:           SENCO, TOD and Head of Curriculum Support

For further information or to arrange a visit, please contact Ms J Laporte - Tel: 020 8566 6446.