All Students participate in physical education lessons throughout their time in secondary school. Every student needs to have a basic level of fitness; these lessons aid students in leading a healthy, active lifestyle.  Physical Education is also important as it develops students’ leadership skills, their teamwork skills and their ability to develop resilience.

The PE department aims to:

  • develop competitive play in a variety of activity;
  • promote a healthy lifestyle;
  • offer a range of activities;
  • promote lifelong participation in sport;
  • develop teamwork and communication skills. 
key stage 3

Students undertake a range of activities, both individual and team. The curriculum is designed to improve students’ ability in a range of activities as well as develop them in competitive situations.

Activities covered include: handball, netball, badminton, rounders, athletics, football, gym, zumba, aerobics, tchoukball, golf, basketball and more.

Students are internally assessed and their progress is reported.

key stage 4

In year 9 students have the opportunity to choose PE enrichment/Sports leaders as a course. Through this course we will give students the chance to complete a level 1 Sports Leaders qualification. This involves students planning and delivering sessions to younger students and developing their leadership, communication and organisational skills.

Students will be given different options every half term; these will reflect the needs of the students and the facilities that are available to students. Activities offered include: exercise to music, aerobics, fitness suite, handball, netball, football, basketball, trampolining, badminton.

This is not an examination subject; however students may be able to complete a sports leaders course through their PE lessons.


GCSE PE combines theoretical elements of Physical education as well as practical. Students are taught a range of topics in preparation for their exams at the end of year 11. The course is 70% theory and 30% practical.

GCSE PE students are prepared for  the OCR exam board. The course provides students with the opportunity to further their understanding of theoretical topics such as fitness and body systems as well as health and performance.

There are two written papers worth 30% each, 10% for a written personal exercise program as well as 30% for practical performance.

key stage 5

This A level course allows students to study Physical Education (PE) in an academic setting, enabling them to critically analyse and evaluate their personal physical performance and apply their experience of practical activity in developing their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

A level PE creates confident, independent thinkers and effective decision makers who can perate effectively as individuals or as part of a team - all skills that will enable students to stand out and effectively promote themelves as they progress through life. 

Exam Board: OCR 

Year 1 Subject Content:

Topic 1 - Applied anatomy and physiology

Topic 2 - Skill acquisition

Topic 3 - Sport and society

Topic 4 - Exercise physiology

Year 2 Subject Content

Topic 5 - Biomechanical movement

Topic 6 - Sport psychology

Topic 7 - Sport and society and the role of technology in physical acctivity and sport

Career Opportunities / Routes

This course will prepare learners for the further study of PE or sports science courses as well as other related subject areas such as psychology, sociology and biology.  Learners will also develop the transferable skills that are in demand by further education, Higher Education and employers in all sectors of industry such as physiotherapy, leisure management and PE teaching.  Successful completion of A level Physical Education can also lead to a career as a coach or official within sport.  


Component 1: Physiological factors affecting performance

  • 30%

Component 2: Psychological factors affecting performance

  • 20%

Component 3: Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport

  • 20%

Component 4: Performance in physical education

  • 30%
additional information


In every form class there is a sports captain. These students are selected to organise sports events throughout the year as well as being used as Sports Leaders at primary school events.


We have a very successful extracurricular program at Dormers Wells High School and have teams competing in a wide range of sports such as football, cricket, netball, handball, badminton, rounders, athletics and rugby. Students are able to stay for sports training after school and are provided with an updated extracurricular timetable every half term.

During year 2015/2016 our main successes were: winning the Ealing football league, winning the Ealing rounders team, gaining 3rd place in London Youth Games for handball, competing in the West London badminton championships and reaching the Ealing cricket final.