At Dormers Wells High School we offer a balanced curriculum that will help students to:

  • Achieve high standards and make excellent progress
  • More easily make progress based on ability not age and to be able to enter students for public examinations when they are ready rather than being dictated by age
  • Have and be able to use high quality functional skills, including key literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.
  • Be challenged and stretched to achieve their potential
  • Celebrate human achievements in the creative arts, science, sport, technology and computing, literature, languages, and the humanities
  • Understand and value the interdependence of individuals, races, religions and countries
  • Prepare for adult life at home, at work, at leisure and in the community to which they belong
  • Develop self-respect, a tolerant attitude, a set of moral values and beliefs that includes respect for others
  • Have a sense of adventure and purpose and an ability to deal with failure and success

All students have access to a similar course of study. The hours per subject per fortnight are as follows:

English  8
Mathematics 7
Science  7
Modern Foreign Languages (French or Spanish) 4
Physical Education    4
Geography 3
History 3
Design and Technology 3
Art  2*
Drama  2*
Music   2*
Religious Education 2
Computing 1

Year 7 art, drama and music are taught on a rotation in for one term at a time for 6 lessons a fortnight. This equates to 2 lessons a fortnight over a whole year.

A literacy based curriculum is also offered for targeted students in year 7. These students study a core of English, mathematics, science, games, the arts and technology. In addition they follow an enhanced literacy course through the medium of foundation subjects.

KEY STAGE 4 - YEARS 9, 10 AND 11

During the spring term of years 8 and 9, students in those year groups are given careful guidance in helping them decide which subjects they wish to study for the next year. Students in year 9 receive similar guidance to decide their courses for years 10 and 11. The guidance students receive on their choice of courses involves parents, teaching staff, tutors and careers advisers. Most subjects lead to the GCSE examination, but there are some vocational courses at a comparable level.

Year 9 students study the core subjects of English language and literature, mathematics, science, computing, PE, RE and CPSHE.

In addition, students choose two from the following option subjects:

Art and Design Computer Science Design and Technology
Food Preparation and Nutrition Geography History
PE Leadership Award Performing Arts (Drama and Music) Photography

Years 10 and 11 students study the core subjects of English language and literature, mathematics, science, PE, RE and CPSHE.Replace with further content or remove this additional text...

In addition, students choose three from the following option subjects:

Art and Design Business Studies Citizenship Studies
Computer Science Design and Technology Digital Information Technology (BTEC)
Drama Food and Nutrition French
Geography Health and Social Care (BTEC) History
Media Studies Music Photography
PE Religious Studies Sociology
Spanish Separate Sciences Sport (BTEC)