Year 6 Transition

summer reading activity: 'into the jungle' 


A message from our previous Year 7 students...

Arshpreet, Year 7​:

"On my first day of Dormers Wells high School, I was very nervous to come to school as I thought I would not be able to make any new friends and that I would be all alone. ​

However, when it was break time I got the courage to talk to someone and make new friends. Dormers Wells High School is very helpful because I got to know some of my other class friends and got to see some parts of the school. But unfortunately, we could not see the whole school this year because covid 19.​

In addition to that, all my teachers are very kind and helpful: got me through on all my lessons. I got achievement points from all of them for doing good work and not giving up on anything and trying my best in everything. We also get badges and awards at the end of the term also for our good work.​

Looking back to when I first came to Dormers Wells High School I have changed so much as a student by gaining my confidence and contributing in lessons. I feel very safe in this school.​

Overall, I am very proud to be a student of Dormers Wells High School!​"

Uzair, Year 7:

"On my first day of high school, I walked into the building with a positive attitude and a growth mind-set, ready to enter the new world called Dormers Wells High School. It definitely worked because on the first day, I made friends with my whole form and 5 very close friends as well, who I exchanged numbers with and now we are closer than ever. 

Within the first term of my 1st year at high school, I had already gained so much confidence, A head teachers award badge and the prestigious role of a house captain for Laurus. This boosted me so much to keep up the good work and throughout the school year I have been really comfortable around the teachers, students and the depth of learning in high school. Excelling learning will always be rewarded with either achievement/house points or at the end of term, an entire assembly dedicated to students who earn badges for their work. 

Without a doubt, Dormers Wells High School is the most amazing place for education, socialising with others and I cannot thank this amazing community of teachers enough for making me feel at home, even though I had a tough year due to the lockdown and the pandemic. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a student of Dormers Wells High School!"



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