Student Leadership

Dormers Wells High School has high expectations of students with regard to leadership and encourages all students to become part of the leadership of the school community. This provides opportunities for students across all year groups to develop their skills and to work together to deliver a cohesive, school wide initiative which engages students from Year 7 to 13.

Our Head Boy and Head Girl

Jan Wrobel

Head boy 

My name is Jan Wrobel, and I am the newly appointed Head Boy of Dormers Wells. Throughout my tenure at Dormers, I have developed my enthusiasm to learn, my tenacity and perseverance. Not to forget my ever-ignited and die-hard ambition, which is certainly one of my most defining qualities. Most importantly however, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by a wonderful and diverse school community, where every individual is treated with care and respect, and one that is safe and inclusive to all. Henceforth, when it came to exploring and analysing my options for sixth form, I knew that staying at Dormers for my A-Levels was the best possible option.

Choosing to study Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science A-Levels, I am endlessly working towards achieving my dream of studying Mathematics at Cambridge. My love for maths (and the STEM subjects in general) is an especially integral part of who I am, and it’s been regularly supplemented during my time in Dormers through the countless opportunities brought forward to me. Some of the fantastic opportunities include my time at the Imperial College STEM Potential Programme, many engineering and robotics workshops, as well as the Maths Weekend hosted for high-achieving Maths students.

When the applications for Head Boy opened, giving it a shot felt like a no-brainer. As I mentioned prior, I have been a part of a thriving school community, and as a result I feel obligated to give back. I also knew that I’d be capable in balancing the necessary efforts associated with being Head Boy along with studying for my exams. Upon the realisation that I had been selected as Head Boy, I was ecstatic, as I know that this role will greatly develop me as a person, improving my ability to multi-task and organise. My main mission is to co-ordinate with the school to further advertise the importance of academics and learning amongst all students. This will be done by organising after-school clubs and sessions, seeking to motivate and drive all Dormers students to aim high and to make informed choices about their futures, as well as the idea that every student deserves to have their voice heard.

In conclusion, I will strive to be an excellent ambassador for the school’s values and ideals, and to ensure that all Dormers students go above and beyond to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Amrit Marway 

Head girl

My name is Amrit Marway and I am Head Girl at Dormers Wells High School. I am in Year 12 currently studying A level Maths, Chemistry and Biology and I intend to study Medicine at University. To prepare for this I am applying to multiple Pathway programmes and undertaking work placements at hospitals and hospices.

I have studied at Dormers Wells High School since 2014 and have had a brilliant experience, meeting a variety of new people, with both similar and different interests and aspirations. Dormers Wells High School has helped me to develop my academic career and character by giving me a strong foundation of creativity, direction, resilience and adaptability. Through the school, I was able to take part in multiple programmes to broaden my academics and I was also able to develop my character through many activities such as Duke of Edinburgh. Through my time here I was also lucky enough to be apart of 2 school productions and the netball team. I have gained many skills which I will carry with me throughout my journey through education and work for which I am very grateful. I am very passionate about science and have always wanted and worked towards becoming a Doctor. At DWHS I have had a plethora of opportunities to help me achieve this goal.  

Through my role as the head girl I would to embed the idea that through enhanced student voice, assemblies hosted by alumni and succeeding students and sixth form lesson assistance, Dormer’s will continue to advance with each victorious student  produced, and inspiring and building confidence in order to achieve such outcomes is my vision for this school. I wish for all students to know that ambition and handwork can take you anywhere.

I am grateful to be apart of a school that offers such incredible opportunities and I am honoured to be given the role of Head Girl. I will proudly represent our exceptional school community during the rest of my time here working with our leadership team to ensure that our school continues to thrive.

Our Head Teachers Ambassadors

(From left to right) Ruqaya Hassan, Ayesha Aziz, Noor Hakimzada, Abdurahman Altaweel, Wania Ahmed, Yash Markendey, Gursimran Multani, Janoth Ketheeswaran, Sidak Sandhu, Rafiur Rahman, Sabrina Mann and Manraj Virdee

The Head teacher’s ambassadors work closely with the Head teacher, Senior Leadership Team and Sixth Form Team alongside the Head boy and Head girl. Their roles include representing the school at events and forming part of the Executive Council that feedback student issues or queries to the Head teacher.


Student Leadership Programme

Year groups Leadership Groups Rationale
1. All year groups
Year Council 
8 students are elected from each year group Year 7-11 to form the Year Council.
The House System
All students are placed in a House.  Opportunities exist to become part of the House Leadership Team with positions of House Captain, Deputy House Captain, House Sports Captain and Deputy Sports Captain.  House Leadership roles have a key position in running the houses, house activities and leading assemblies.
There are also positions of responsibility in the School Community Leadership Groups which are open to all year groups:
  • Librarians
  • Community Leaders
  • IT&C Gurus
  • Literacy Leads
  • Sports Leaders
  • Jack Petchey Winners
To raise awareness of leadership as a skill for all.
Engage all students in the wider school community.
To organise and run these aspects of school life with a limited staff involvement.
To foster wider leadership roles.
Develop vertical teams.
To enable students from every year group to engage in a wide range of House competitions.
2. Year 8
Student Receptionists
Develop independence and responsibility.
3. Year 9
Year 9 Buddies
They work with Year 7 groups during tutor time supporting reading, home learning, and mentoring
To create a supportive community.
4. Year 10
Peer Mentors
To create a supportive community.
5. Year 11
Year 11 Prefects
Senior Boy Prefect and Senior Girl Prefect
Year 11 Prom and Year Book Committee
Develop the roles and responsibilities within Year 11 with specific jobs and job descriptions.
6. Sixth Form
Head Boy and Head Girl
Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy
10 Headteacher’s Ambassadors
Sixth Form Committee
To encourage wider participation by the sixth form in all areas of school life.  Take positions of responsibility, to run and organise aspects of school life. Have a direct link to SLT and Headteacher