Student Leadership

Dormers Wells High School has high expectations of students with regard to leadership and encourages all students to become part of the leadership of the school community. This provides opportunities for students across all year groups to develop their skills and to work together to deliver a cohesive, school wide initiative which engages students from Year 7 to 13.

Our Head Boy and Head Girl


Head boy 

Hello, I am Alexander Frank, and I am delighted to be the Head Boy. I am currently studying Mathematics, Economics and Geography and I am hoping to go into government and politics in the future, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) as a degree. 

When I arrived at Dormers Wells High School, I could not imagine all the different opportunities I would be offered all the way from year 7. From the debate club to being a member of the rugby team, the sense of community has been a valuable constant throughout my time. My favourite moments at Dormers have been the times I have been with my amazing peers and the dedicated teachers who make every day special. These opportunities have also been instrumental in developing key skills necessary for higher education and in adult life and made the overall experience one I have cherished.  

My memories of my time at Dormers are due to these amazing opportunities that I have had the honour to partake in. As head boy I am working to ensure that Dormers can open as many doors to as many people as possible. Facilitating more opportunities like the ones I have enjoyed is one of my personal goals, so that when students come to their end of their time here, they leave in the best position to succeed.  

I am honoured to have the chance to shape the future of Dormers Wells and am determined to continue the work of opening doors to success for both current and future students.  


Head girl

Hello, my name is Ayeshani, and I am elated to have been given the privilege to represent our school as Head Girl. I currently study Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology at A Level, and I hope to study medicine at university. 

I strongly believe in giving back to my school community, and I will ensure to embody the Dormers Wells High School values – especially service – throughout my time in this role. At Dormers Wells High School, I have transformed from a timid year 7 into the confident student I am today. I would like to pay this forward, ensuring the next generation of students are able to flourish in the same way and view their school as a comfortable learning environment. The teachers here have encouraged me to develop a strong work ethic and academic mindset that I will carry beyond this role and into my career, which I am very thankful for. 

Throughout my journey here, I have been given the opportunity to partake in countless extracurricular activities, including various positions of leadership and programmes that have allowed me to realise my passions and broaden my skillset; this is something I would like to provide for younger students here. 

To conclude, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity - DWHS is a school where students strive for academic success, growth and achievement of their full potential, so I am excited to work closely with the head boy to uphold our welcoming and supportive atmosphere. 


Deputy Head boy

Hello, my name is Marcu Tupita and I am grateful to be able to humbly serve Dormers Wells High School through the role of Deputy Head Boy. At the moment, I study both Mathematics and Further Mathematics, along with Computer Science with the intention of working in Software Engineering. 

I have not been here since year 7, however this has not prevented the teachers from aiding me and encouraging me every step of the way. I have been integrated into an amazing community which prides itself on some moral principles which are to be desired in any individual. And it is amazing. If I can enter this role of deputy head boy, it is only because of the teachers around me who support me and push me forward so I can reach my full potential. Without them, I would not be here today.  

When applying for the Deputy Head Boy role, I did so with the desire of wanting to create a lasting impact on the community which shaped me into who I am today. Through dedication and implication, I hope to be a role model and inspire other students the same way teachers have done for me. I desire to give back to this incredible community which we call Dormers Wells High School. 

I would like to conclude by thanking the school for this amazing opportunity, allowing me to become a role model for all the people around me. Thank you.


Deputy Head Girl

Hello, my name is Simran, and I am thrilled to be the Deputy Head Girl of Dormers Wells High School. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, and Maths, and I aspire to study medicine. 

Throughout my years at DWHS, I have been offered exceptional support from my teachers which has led to me becoming the person I am today. The school has provided a safe and comforting environment for me to grow up in and learn. I am hoping to serve this school to express my gratitude for all the opportunities it has provided to me. 

I aim to ensure that younger students experience the same supportive and comforting atmosphere I was able to learn and develop in. In addition, I intend to interact and involve myself with the aspirations the younger years have regarding our school, validate their ideas and concerns, and produce feedback to their concepts. 

I am exhilarated and intrigued to work closely with the Deputy Head Boy, Head Boy and Head Girl as well as the student leadership team. I am eternally grateful for this position, and I am determined to open multiple doors to success together. 



Our Head Teachers Ambassadors

The Head teacher’s ambassadors work closely with the Head teacher, Senior Leadership Team and Sixth Form Team alongside the Head boy and Head girl. Their roles include representing the school at events and forming part of the Executive Council that feedback student issues or queries to the Head teacher.

Student Leadership Programme

Year groups Leadership Groups Rationale
1. All year groups
The House System
All students are placed in a House.  Opportunities exist to become part of the House Leadership Team. House Leadership roles have a key position in running the houses, house activities and leading assemblies.
There are also positions of responsibility in the School Community Leadership Groups which are open to all year groups:
  • Librarians
  • Community Leaders
  • Literacy Leads
  • Sports Leaders
  • Jack Petchey Winners
To raise awareness of leadership as a skill for all.
Engage all students in the wider school community.
To organise and run these aspects of school life with a limited staff involvement.
To foster wider leadership roles.
Develop vertical teams.
To enable students from every year group to engage in a wide range of House competitions.
2. Year 8
Student Receptionists
Develop independence and responsibility.
3. Year 9
Year 9 Buddies
They work with Year 7 groups during tutor time supporting reading, home learning, and mentoring
To create a supportive community.
4. Year 10
Peer Mentors
To create a supportive community.
5. Year 11
Year 11 Prefects
Senior Boy Prefect and Senior Girl Prefect
Year 11 Prom and Year Book Committee
Develop the roles and responsibilities within Year 11 with specific jobs and job descriptions.
6. Sixth Form
Head Boy and Head Girl
Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy
10 Headteacher’s Ambassadors
Sixth Form Committee
To encourage wider participation by the sixth form in all areas of school life.  Take positions of responsibility, to run and organise aspects of school life. Have a direct link to SLT and Headteacher