Student Leadership

Dormers Wells High School has high expectations of students with regard to leadership and encourages all students to become part of the leadership of the school community. This provides opportunities for students across all year groups to develop their skills and to work together to deliver a cohesive, school wide initiative which engages students from Year 7 to 13.

Our Head Boy and Head Girl

athikor kalam

Head boy 

Hello, my name is Athikor Kalam and I have been fortunate enough to assume the role of head boy at Dormers Wells High School. I currently study A Level Geography, Economics and Mathematics and aspire to progress onto a university course in Economics, in order to compliment my sincere passion for Mathematics and help reach my ultimate goal of being employed in the financial field in the future.

Since I first began to attend our cohesive school, back in 2016, what struck me was Dormers Wells’ ethos to ensure that all members of our vibrant community were, and continue to be, enriched with the skills and mindsets required to be successful in not only the world of education, but also in building strong relationships with fellow peers and members of staff, in the world of sport and physical activity and in ensuring that we all adhere to our key character values: Determination, Honesty, Wisdom and Service. Therefore, I realise how much of a privilege it is to help navigate our school body towards continued progress, alongside the head girl and wider leadership team. 

During my years here at Dormers, I have been able to develop my personal strengths and ‘come out of my shell’, partaking in a wide variety of activities and projects, including ‘The Brilliant Club’ and ‘Future Frontiers’ initiatives, where we were mentored by professionals and guided to explore various prospective career opportunities in order to broaden our horizons, and also in numerous peer reading programmes to help convey the beauty of literature and reading to younger students. Furthermore, through the help of the concrete support network available here, I have also attained a plethora of achievements, such as winning the Jack Petchey award and completing my Mathematics GCSE a year prior to the rest of my year group cohort. Upon reflection, I understand how vital it was and still is to belong to such a supportive school community. 

To conclude, I would like to close with how thankful I am for being able to have such 

critical position on the student leadership team and I am certain that this coming year will be one where all of us here at Dormers will continue to shine brightly. 

zahra aziz

Head girl

Hello! My name is Zahra Aziz, and I am the newly appointed head girl at Dormers Wells High School. As of currently, I am studying English Literature, Mathematics and Economics and I am diligently moving towards working in the Banking and Finance sector of our economy.

Reflecting on my time at our praiseworthy school, I can definitely conclude that Dormers has challenged me in many ways, allowing me to step outside of my comfort zone and shape my confidence through the plethora of residentials, after school activities and academic programmes. In applying for Head Girl, I saw it as another opportunity to place myself outside of my comfort zone, and I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. To represent our vibrant and prestigious school is an honor, and I will embody the academic excellence and poise that we value at DWHS ardently. Furthermore, during my tenure, I will ensure to consolidate the core character values of Determination, Wisdom, Honesty and Service so that we, at Dormers Wells High School, can not only focus on our academic growth, but also on shaping ourselves to be respectable people for our community.  

Throughout my final years at Dormers, I will continue to challenge and push myself to become the best version of me, and in doing so, I hope that the students around me can learn that, to succeed, we must learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. I have grown from the young girl I was, shyly partaking in the netball team in my early years of high school, to becoming a tenacious member of the executive council, and then going on to participate in a multitude of programmes such as the scholars programme, the brilliant club, the BEAM mentor programme, and now, becoming head girl for our school. Therefore, it is undeniable that Dormers offered me a new perception of leadership, and I greatly encourage those around me to grasp these opportunities with open arms.  

Finally, I would like to sign off by emphasizing how truly grateful I am to be awarded the highly respectable position of leading our school, alongside the staff members, to a level of eminence and distinction. Together, we, at DWHS, will continue to ‘open the doors to success’ for each and every striving scholar at our academy.  

Our Head Teachers Ambassadors

(From left to right) Adsayan, Adna, Al Sami, Jasmeen, Athikor (Head boy), Zahra (Head girl), Ameerhamza, Mumtahana, Joel, Rumaysa, Zeeshan and Shadhana.

The Head teacher’s ambassadors work closely with the Head teacher, Senior Leadership Team and Sixth Form Team alongside the Head boy and Head girl. Their roles include representing the school at events and forming part of the Executive Council that feedback student issues or queries to the Head teacher.

Student Leadership Programme

Year groups Leadership Groups Rationale
1. All year groups
Year Council 
8 students are elected from each year group Year 7-11 to form the Year Council.
The House System
All students are placed in a House.  Opportunities exist to become part of the House Leadership Team with positions of House Captain, Deputy House Captain, House Sports Captain and Deputy Sports Captain.  House Leadership roles have a key position in running the houses, house activities and leading assemblies.
There are also positions of responsibility in the School Community Leadership Groups which are open to all year groups:
  • Librarians
  • Community Leaders
  • IT&C Gurus
  • Literacy Leads
  • Sports Leaders
  • Jack Petchey Winners
To raise awareness of leadership as a skill for all.
Engage all students in the wider school community.
To organise and run these aspects of school life with a limited staff involvement.
To foster wider leadership roles.
Develop vertical teams.
To enable students from every year group to engage in a wide range of House competitions.
2. Year 8
Student Receptionists
Develop independence and responsibility.
3. Year 9
Year 9 Buddies
They work with Year 7 groups during tutor time supporting reading, home learning, and mentoring
To create a supportive community.
4. Year 10
Peer Mentors
To create a supportive community.
5. Year 11
Year 11 Prefects
Senior Boy Prefect and Senior Girl Prefect
Year 11 Prom and Year Book Committee
Develop the roles and responsibilities within Year 11 with specific jobs and job descriptions.
6. Sixth Form
Head Boy and Head Girl
Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy
10 Headteacher’s Ambassadors
Sixth Form Committee
To encourage wider participation by the sixth form in all areas of school life.  Take positions of responsibility, to run and organise aspects of school life. Have a direct link to SLT and Headteacher