Student Leadership

Dormers Wells High School has high expectations of students with regard to leadership and encourages all students to become part of the leadership of the school community. This provides opportunities for students across all year groups to develop their skills and to work together to deliver a cohesive, school wide initiative which engages students from Year 7 to 13.

Our Head Boy and Head Girl

arjun marway

Head boy 

Hello, my name is Arjun Marway and I have been fortunate enough to continue the role of Head Boy at Dormers Wells High School. I currently study A Level Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science with the intention to continue my education at university and eventually find myself in the field of engineering in the future.

Looking back at my time in Dormers Wells, I have nothing but praise for the institution that has allowed me to excel in many ways. Many teachers and staff have let me step out of my comfort zone and realize the potential around me; encouraging me to take part in extracurricular activities and academic programmes, shaping the way I have learned and unraveled who I can be. I have no doubts that Dormers will do the very same for you through its structure and key character values (Determination, Wisdom, Honesty and Service.)

When I applied for the role of Head Boy, my main intent was and will always remain to improve the well-being of the students. Through my firsthand experiences and achievements, I hope to continue to give other highly aspirational students the same opportunities that I received and help them realise their potential too. For example, I partook in the countless opportunities given to me; like being given the opportunity to speak within the presence of professional speakers who gave me feedback and helped me improve. Using these experiences, I will help younger students develop new life-long interests and improve themselves, this way, we can bridge the gap between staff and students together leading to a more confident and cohesive school environment.

To conclude, I would like to sign off by thanking the school for letting me have the privilege of this role and help create a better community.

maryam jama

Head girl

Hello, my name is Maryam Jama, and I have the privilege of being given the opportunity to be appointed as head girl here at Dormers Wells High school. I am currently studying A-levels English Literature, Sociology and Business, to pursue my passion for politics and international relations at university.

My journey, here at Dormers began in 2017, as a year 7 student, unbeknownst to how this notably impressive school would quite literally be ‘opening doors to success’ allowing me to explore new experiences, such as the leadership team, Model United Nations, form assemblies and much more, all increasing my passion for public speaking. Immediately, when first informed about the position of head girl at the start of sixth form I was deeply determined to implement my skills in becoming head girl by further embodying the school's values of determination, wisdom, service, and honesty not only as the Leader for Altius but for the school, enlightening and motivating all students into remaining optimistic high achieves. Although, I have dealt with my problems I have learnt to expect the unexpected and to look towards my biggest supporters, my friends, whom I am eternally grateful for. 

Although, I have a limit of seven years at Dormers, but the opportunities given have felt unlimited as I continue to hope to experience all that can be provided. Being head girl allows me to implement my vision of how the school experience can be improved through working closely with teachers and students to make a positive impact even on short notice. I will continue to work hard and answer any enquiries to the fullest of my ability by working with the head boy to make a meaningful relationship with all members of the school. During my fulfilling period at Dormers Wells High School, it has acted as a foundation for my view on education. Encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and use my voice to aim for the best. Allowing me to Participate in school events e.g. cultural day, and volunteer programs as well as meeting my local Ealing Council to discuss future plans. 

To conclude, I understand the Importance of the role of head girl and consider it a prestigious privilege to be given the opportunity and hope to remain a vital member of how the school should be viewed and further improved. Once again I would like to thank my supporters for remaining faithful and that I will strive only for the best for everyone involved In the school community. 

Our Head Teachers Ambassadors

The Head teacher’s ambassadors work closely with the Head teacher, Senior Leadership Team and Sixth Form Team alongside the Head boy and Head girl. Their roles include representing the school at events and forming part of the Executive Council that feedback student issues or queries to the Head teacher.

Student Leadership Programme

Year groups Leadership Groups Rationale
1. All year groups
The House System
All students are placed in a House.  Opportunities exist to become part of the House Leadership Team. House Leadership roles have a key position in running the houses, house activities and leading assemblies.
There are also positions of responsibility in the School Community Leadership Groups which are open to all year groups:
  • Librarians
  • Community Leaders
  • Literacy Leads
  • Sports Leaders
  • Jack Petchey Winners
To raise awareness of leadership as a skill for all.
Engage all students in the wider school community.
To organise and run these aspects of school life with a limited staff involvement.
To foster wider leadership roles.
Develop vertical teams.
To enable students from every year group to engage in a wide range of House competitions.
2. Year 8
Student Receptionists
Develop independence and responsibility.
3. Year 9
Year 9 Buddies
They work with Year 7 groups during tutor time supporting reading, home learning, and mentoring
To create a supportive community.
4. Year 10
Peer Mentors
To create a supportive community.
5. Year 11
Year 11 Prefects
Senior Boy Prefect and Senior Girl Prefect
Year 11 Prom and Year Book Committee
Develop the roles and responsibilities within Year 11 with specific jobs and job descriptions.
6. Sixth Form
Head Boy and Head Girl
Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy
10 Headteacher’s Ambassadors
Sixth Form Committee
To encourage wider participation by the sixth form in all areas of school life.  Take positions of responsibility, to run and organise aspects of school life. Have a direct link to SLT and Headteacher