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Dormers Wells High School I will be an ambassador for my school at all times, embracing its values and abiding by the rules. I will wear the DWHS uniform with pride. We will develop our students’ abilities and talents and care for their safety and well-being. We will prepare them for lifelong learning. I will support my child’s education by ensuring he/she is in school on time, equipped and ready to learn. I will respect the values and rules of the school.
High Expectations I will have high expectations of myself and always produce work to the very best of my ability. We will be aspirational for our students, setting them high but realistic targets to ensure they excel. I will actively support my child in achieving his/her goals.
Active behaviour for learning I will be an active and reflective learner. I will engage with my learning and participate actively in lessons.  I will complete home learning to further my knowledge and understanding.  We will support our students’ learning journey ensuring an interactive learning environment conducive to success.  Home learning will support and extend students' understanding.  I will ensure my child is an active participant in learning particularly in the completion of home learning.
High levels of literacy I will present all my work to the highest standard using Standard English. I will always carry my current reading book. Literacy will be embedded in a literacy rich environment with modelling, marking feedback and timely interventions. I will encourage my child to speak and write Standard English. He/she will read every day for at least 20 minutes.
A positive growth mindset I know I will improve through effort and practice and that making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process. We know that intelligence is not fixed and can be developed; we will reward students for effort and praise perseverance. I will ensure that I praise my child for his/her effort and perseverance rather than just his/her natural ability.
Well planned learning outcomes I will take ownership of my learning ensuring that I am aware of what I need to do and learn in every lesson. We will make lesson outcomes clear. We will chunk, check and reshape learning to ensure progress. I will discuss my child’s learning with him/her and endeavour to extend his/her learning opportunities.
High levels of challenge I will be a resilient learner and will seek to improve continually. I will challenge myself and do independent study. We will ensure our students are always challenged to achieve their best and offer them opportunities to excel. I will encourage my child to push the boundaries and work towards achieving the best possible grades.
Effective questioning I will respond to questioning and ensure that I ask for clarification when needed. I will be an inquisitive learner. We will check understanding through rigorous questioning and encourage our students to question us. I will discuss my child’s learning with him/her and encourage him/her to seek clarification when required.
Quality feedback I will review and respond to my marked work. I will discuss my learning and participate in learning conversations. We will mark and assess students work in a timely manner and will be responsive to their learning needs. I will discuss my child’s learning with him/her and raise any concerns about his/her progress with the school.
Data to drive learning I will be aware of my levels and grades in all subjects and will work with my teachers to move to the next stage. We will report regularly on students’ performance and give clear guidance on how they can make further progress. I will attend parents’ evenings and discuss my child’s learning with him/her and will be aware of next steps.