Vision and Values

The aim of Dormers Wells High School is to provide an excellent education in a safe, supportive learning environment, where people are valued and make positive contributions to the school community, and where students go on to become responsible, independent members of society.

Our vision is to empower students so that they are able to take control of their own future and have enhanced life chances as a result of learning with us. We are academically ambitious for our students: everyone matters.

In 2020 our staff and students worked together to identify the values that sum up our character as a school. The executive student council made the final decision that these were the values we all strive to embody at Dormers Wells High School, in everything we do:

Determination: We never give up

Wisdom: We respond to problems in a calm and balanced way

Honesty: We are open and true to ourselves and others

Service: We contribute to our school and to the wider community

We want our students to become independent learners, who are critical in their thinking, informed in their choices and confident in their ability to succeed in the modern world.  We also want students who are respectful and tolerant, driven and confident, and who strive for the best. In addition to their academic lives we also want our students to benefit from extra-curricular experiences in the arts, sport and culture, which will help them become well rounded balanced adults.

At DWHS we aim to:

  • educate and develop students to the highest standards according to their ability, providing equal opportunity for all, and promoting the fulfilment of each student’s potential in the academic, cultural and sporting fields;
  • provide an orderly and caring learning environment which combines high expectations with the support necessary to challenge and fully develop students intellectually, morally and socially;
  • engender a sense of community, loyalty and mutual respect within the School, and promote a partnership between students, staff and parents;
  • encourage positive engagement with the wider community;
  • foster initiative and independent judgement, and encourage students to take responsibility for their conduct, learning and future plans;
  • promote the development of the self-discipline, confidence, leadership, knowledge and skills that are required to progress in modern society and the world of work, including entrepreneurial skills and those related to the use of new technologies;
  • provide appropriate information to allow students to make informed decisions on personal, social and environmental issues;
  • cultivate an attitude of service to others.