Sixth Form Expectations and Learning Agreement

We believe that each of these aspects has an equal part to play in preparing students for success.


  • a professional, caring and supportive environment;
  • a programme that is matched to our students’ interests and aspirations;
  • an Academic Mentor to monitor progress, and to provide guidance and assistance in setting targets for improvement;
  • structured private study time to complete work which will be regularly set and marked ;
  • support in developing good study skills ;
  • a higher education and careers guidance programme suited to students’ needs, with expert advice;
  • the opportunity to take part in inter-house and extra-curricular activities;
  • opportunities for your parents to come into school to discuss your progress;
  • regular reports on your progress;

As a sixth former at dormers wells you are expected to:

  • be determined to make the most of your time in sixth form
  • accept responsibility for your own learning with support from your Academic Mentor and subject teachers
  • complete all your work by the required deadlines
  • use your private study time in school effectively
  • act as a positive role model for the younger students in both the school and the community
  • adhere to Sixth Form dress code
  • maintain a 95%+ record of attendance and excellent punctuality
  • discuss with your mentor in advance if you need to be absent for a good reason
  • use the signing in/out system correctly
  • contribute to the life of the school to the life of the Sixth Form in as many ways as possible
  • be prepared for all lessons