Dress Code

DWHS Sixth Form Dress Code

Dormers Wells Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school and will be expected to uphold and embody the standards expected of pupils in lower years.  This means that members of the sixth form must maintain consistently high personal standards of dress and smartness of appearance.  This will also increase respect from younger pupils.

The aim is for students to be guided by the principles of acceptable business wear.  There should be a clear distinction between what is worn in the evening, on holiday or at the weekend and what is worn during the working week. We expect such clothing to be clean and tidy, typical of what is acceptable in a corporate environment.  The school community expects to be able to see staff and students faces at all times in order to communicate and maintain health and safety. The following are intended as guidelines for suitable dress:

Male students

  • Tailored trousers and collared shirts or polo t-shirts.
  • Smart V-neck or round neck jumpers in a dark colour and plain pattern. Blazers and ties are optional.
  • Formal black or brown leather footwear, other than trainers or other informal footwear.

Female students

  • Dresses, or sleeved tops with smart skirts or trousers.
  • Dresses and skirts, at or below the knee are acceptable. Midriffs, décolletage and shoulders should be covered at all times.
  • Formal leather footwear, other than trainers or other informal footwear.
  • Make up/nail varnish should be conservative and appropriate to a working environment.
  • Hair colour and style should be conservative.
  • Piercings are limited to discrete ear piercings and/or one stud nose piercing.

The following are not allowed:

  • Hats or caps (in the building)
  • ‘Hoodies’
  • Jeans or look-alike jeans of any colour
  • ‘Combat’ trousers
  • Tracksuit tops or bottoms
  • Sweat shirts or sweat pants
  • Shorts
  • Any visible items of clothing that have large lettering, logos or slogans
  • Leggings, or other very form-fitting trousers unless worn under a skirt or dress
  • T-shirts without a collar are only permitted when wearing a blazer
  • Beach wear or flip flops
  • Trainers (including vans/converse style footwear)
  • Dyed hair should be a ‘natural’ colour.  Extreme hair styles are not permitted.

Students should not have any visible body piercing other than pierced ears or one stud nose piercing.  Visible tattoos are prohibited.  No denim should be worn beyond a smart denim shirt.  Clothing that is too revealing or likely to cause embarrassment must be avoided.  If you are not sure whether something is acceptable, please enquire first.  All students must wear their student card and house lanyard at all times. These will be provided to sixth form students during the induction process.

If a student is dressed in clothing deemed inappropriate for school wear, staff members will refuse that student entry to their class and the student may be sent home to change clothes.  Senior staff are the final arbiters.