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    Staff List
    Ms R Walsh Headteacher
    Ms Davies Curriculum Leader
    Mr Portwain Art Teacher
    Miss Sood Art Teacher
    Business Studies
    Ms Girvan Assistant Headteacher, Business Studies
    Ms Puni Deputy Head of Year 10, Business Studies
    Mrs Rallan Business Studies
    Ms Schlegal Business Studies 
    Mr Parmar Curriculum Leader and Director of Specialism
    Mr Hussain Computing
    Ms Ogundana Computer Science
    Mr Job Curriculum Leader
    curriculum support
    Ms Laporte SENCO and TOD
    Ms Biring Curriculum Leader EAL and Deputy Head of Year 7
    Ms Bristol Teaching Assistant
    Ms Davies Specialist Learning Support Assistant
    Mr Dickson Teaching Assistant
    Ms El-Kandil HLTA – SEN
    Ms Graver Teaching Assistant
    Ms Juneja Teaching Assistant
    Ms Parekh Teaching Assistant
    Ms Rashid Teaching Assistant
    Ms Torres Teaching Assistant
    Ms Watters  Curriculum Support
    design technology
    Ms Manu Curriculum Leader
    Ms Akintunde Design Technology
    Ms Brown Drama
    Ms McKenzie Deputy Head of Year 9 and Drama
    Mr Marker Associate Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Leader
    Ms Bannister Post of Responsibility KS3 English
    Mrs Bibi English
    Ms Boyce English
    Ms Carlos English
    Ms Ebanks English
    Ms Francis Post of Responsibility KS4 English
    Mr Guntrip Lead Practitioner, Post of Responsibility KS5 English and Student Teachers
    Ms Hackney  English
    Ms Hussein English
    Ms Kaur English
    Ms Khan English
    Ms Miller English
    Mr Ramsland Assistant Headteacher and English
    Ms Salmon Second in English
    Mr McCarthy Associate Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Leader
    Mr Tennant Geography
    Mr Wright Second in Geography
    health and social care
    Ms Dhillon Head of Year 10 and Health & Social Care
    Mrs Jajcevic Ibrahimovic Health & Social Care and Psychology
    Ms Leenders Head of Year 9 and Health & Social Care
    Ms Wilmot Curriculum Leader
    Mr Cudmore Head of Year 7 and History
    Ms Dunn History
    Mr Pritchard History and RE
    Ms Symonds Post of Responsibility KS3 and History 
    Mr Bharj Curriculum Leader
    Mrs Bhagat Child Protection and Mathematics
    Mrs Dhaliwal Mathematics
    Mr Fenlon Deputy Headteacher, KS4 and Curriculum including Mathematics
    Ms Fernando Post of Responsibility KS3 Mathematics
    Ms Jabeen  Mathematics
    Mr Kaminsky Mathematics
    Mrs Kullar Assistant Headteacher and Mathematics
    Ms Lingampalli Mathematics
    Mr Meloulene Second in Mathematics
    Ms Osman Mathematics
    Ms Shiju Deputy Head of Year 8 and Mathematics
    Ms Gordon Media
    Mr Perea Curriculum Leader
    Mr Cohen Deputy Headteacher, KS3 and MFL
    Mrs Dawson Assistant Headteacher and MFL
    Ms Garcia MFL
    Mr Hidalgo MFL
    Ms Hughes Raising Standards Champion and MFL
    Ms Mahmood Teaching Assistant - Urdu
    Ms Tippins Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form and MFL
    Ms Vedrenne Head of Year 8 and MFL
    Ms Johnson Curriculum Leader
    Ms Garrioch Music
    Mr Price Curriculum Leader
    Mrs Chohan Post of Responsibility PE, Enrichment Leader
    Ms Harris PE
    Mr Knox PE
    Ms Matthew PE
    Mr Paine Deputy Head of Year 11 and PE
    Ms Wright Curriculum Leader
    Ms Begovic Curriculum Leader
    religious studies
    Ms Bull Curriculum Leader
    Ms Blakebrough RE and Community Cohesion Leader
    Mr Cowing Curriculum Leader
    Mrs Ahmed Post of Responsibility KS3 Science
    Ms Ali Science
    Ms Banu Science
    Mr Brookes Science
    Miss Cvijanovic Science
    Mr Hilburn Second in Science
    Ms Joseph Science
    Ms Konieczna Head of Year 11 and Science
    Mr Mahay Science
    Ms Plaha Science
    Mr Porter Post of Responsibility KS Science
    Mr Robson MLE Frog, Go 4 Schools Champion and Science
    Mrs Sandhu Science
    Mr Scott Science
    Ms Cole Curriculum Leader and CBT
    Ms Colley Head of Year 12/13, Geography and Sociology
    learning mentors
    Mr Ismail Learning Mentor
    Mr Jammu Learning Mentor
    Ms McKay Learning Mentor
    Mrs Whitehead Learning Mentor
    support staff
    Ms Asokarajan Admin Assistant
    Ms Bahad Attendance Officer
    Mr Capon Admin Manager (SIMS)
    Mr Chavda Science Technician
    Ms Eastmond Librarian
    Ms Fox Technology Technician
    Ms Grewal Student Receptionist
    Ms Isaac Science Technician
    Mr Khan Apprentice IT Technician
    Ms Mahoney Personnel Manager
    Ms Micallef Deputy Office Manager
    Ms Ogra School Business Manager
    Ms Phillip Main Receptionist
    Mr Piper Exam Secretary and Cover Administrator
    Ms Rana Headteacher’s PA and Office Manager
    Ms Roughan Finance Officer
    Mr Sorathia IT Technician
    Mr Tabassum Lead IT Technician
    Ms Walker Cover Supervisor
    Ms Wheeler Sixth Form Administrator
    Ms Young Marketing and Communications Officer