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    Staff List
    Ms R Walsh Headteacher
    Ms S Davies Curriculum Leader Mr T Layden Art Mr J Portwain Art, House Leader Magnus
    Business Studies
    Ms R Puni Deputy Head of Year 8, Business Studies Mrs G Rallan Business Studies, Curriculum Support Mr M Sharma Business Studies Mr H Singh Business Studies
    Mr Y Parmar Curriculum Leader & Director of Specialism Mr A Mahamud Computing
    Mr M Job Curriculum Leader
    Curriculum Support
    Ms J Laporte SENCO, Curriculum Leader EAL Mrs L Ahmed Curriculum Support Ms A Bateman Specialist Learning Support Assistant Mrs A Biring Post of Responsibility, EAL Teacher Ms S Bristol Teaching Assistant Mr D Collins Lead Specialist Teacher of the Deaf Ms S Davies Specialist Learning Support Assistant Mr K Dickson Teaching Assistant Ms J El-Kandil HLTA – SEN House Leader Laurus Ms F Khouchoua Teaching Assistant
    Mr J O’Sullivan Curriculum Leader Horticulture, Design Technology Ms P Parekh Teaching Assistant
    Ms G Shallou Teaching Assistant – Horticulture Ms H Torres Teaching Assistant Ms F Treacy Curriculum Support, CPSHE Mr S Vohra Teaching Assistant Ms M Watters Curriculum Support
    Design Technology
    Ms M Burke Curriculum Leader Ms V Goodridge Design Technology Ms H Manu Design Technology, House Leader Altius
    Mr M Batten Curriculum Leader Ms K De Matos Drama, English
    Mr S Marker Curriculum Leader Ms C Ashong Deputy Head of Year 9, English Ms J Bannister English Mrs S Bibi English Mrs S Dhillon Post of Responsibility KS4 English Mrs J Francis Post of Responsibility KS4 English Mr J Guntrip Lead Practitioner, English, Student Teachers Mrs S Hackney English Ms M Hussein English Ms P Kaur English Ms L Miller English Ms S Miller English Mr S Rafique Associate Assistant Headteacher in charge of House System Ms S Salmon Post of Responsibility KS3 English
    Mr D McCarthy Associate Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum Leader Mr J Davies Geography Mr R Tennant Geography
    Health & Social Care
    Ms E Leenders Head of Year 7 Mrs P Dhillon Head of Year 8 Mrs A Jajcevic Ibrahimovic Health & Social Care
    Ms T Wilmot Curriculum Leader Mr L Cudmore History Mr A Pritchard Assistant Headteacher, Cover and Exams, History, KS3 Achievement Ms P Symonds History
    Mr T Bharj Curriculum Leader Mrs A Bhagat Child Protection, Mathematics
    Mrs G Dhaliwal Mathematics Mr D Fenlon Deputy Headteacher, Mathematics Ms T Fernando Mathematics Mr J Kaminsky Mathematics Mrs D Kullar Assistant Headteacher, Mathematics Ms N Lingampalli Mathematics Mr L Meloulene 2nd in Mathematics Mr S Mistry Mathematics Ms R Osman Mathematics Ms S Shiju Deputy Head of Year 11, Mathematics
    Media Studies
    Ms S Gordon Curriculum Leader
    Mr J Perea Curriculum Leader Ms I Aguilar Spanish Mr P Cohen Deputy Head, Spanish Mrs G Dawson Assistant Headteacher, French Ms A Hughes Raising Standards Champion, French Mrs A Mahmood Teaching Assistant – Urdu Mrs V Patel-Azad Deputy Head of Year 7, French Ms H Tippins Assistant Headteacher, Literacy Co-ordinator Ms A Vedrenne Head of Year 10, French
    Ms K Johnson Curriculum Leader, House Leader Fortius Ms E Warner Music
    Mr D Gorvin Curriculum Leader Mr C Boole Deputy Head of Year 10, PE Mrs M Chohan Post of Responsibility Dance Mrs L Matthew PE Mr A Paine PE, House Leader Citius Ms E Smith Head of Year 11, PE
    Ms E Wright Curriculum Leader
    Ms S Begovic Psychology
    Religious Studies
    Ms J Rodgers Curriculum Leader Ms V Blakebrough RE, House Leader Invictus
    Mr M Cowing Curriculum Leader Mrs S Ahmad Post of Responsibility KS3 Science Ms M Banu Science Mr R Brookes Science Mr R Fraser Science Mr R Hilburn 2nd in Science Ms N Joseph Science Ms E Konieczna Head of Year 9, Science Ms A Nuur Mahamud Science Ms L Morrow Science Ms A Plaha Science Mr C Porter Post of Responsibility KS5 Science Mr M Robson MLE Frog, Go 4 Schools Champion, Science Mrs B Sandhu Science Mr M Scott Science Mrs J Thakker Science
    Ms S Cole Curriculum Leader of Sociology Ms C Colley Head of Year 12/13, Geography, Sociology
    Learning Mentors
    Mr A Ismail Learning Mentor Mr J Jammu Learning Mentor Ms R McKay Learning Mentor Ms K Watson Learning Mentor Mrs P Whitehead Learning Mentor
    Support Staff
    Ms S Bahad Attendance Officer
    Mr D Capon Admin Manager (SIMS) Mr H Clarke-Goddard IT Technician Ms P Crinall Admin Assistant Mrs B Grewal Receptionist - Student Ms G Grewal Finance & PFI Assistant Mrs J Hill Deputy Office Manager Mrs L Isaac Science Technician Mrs D Wheeler Sixth Form Administrator Ms R Mahoney Personnel Manager Mrs J Micallef Data Officer
    Mrs H Oghra School Business Manager Ms F Phillip Receptionist - Visitor Mr A Piper Exam Secretary, Cover Administrator Ms J Rana Headteacher’s PA, Office Manager Ms A Roughan Finance Officer Mr J Shah IT Manager
    Mr I Smith Design Technology Mr S Tabassum IT Technician Mr J Tidball Art/Drama/Media/Music Technician Ms M Vidgen Librarian Ms D Walker Cover Supervisor