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Careers Sharing Skills Event with Dynamic 

The students participated in workshops led by professionals who gave insights into key employable attributes, as well as participating in mock interviews, where they learnt typical questions that are asked by employers and how they should answer it. Students learnt the value of maintaining eye contact, being confident and staying focused. 

Open Evening 2019

On the 24th September, Dormers Wells High School had the pleasure of hosting Open Evening. A fantastic night in which future students are able to come and see the amazing facilities we have to offer as well as meeting teachers and getting a general feel of the school.

Awards Evening 2019

.Awards Evening brought about the celebration of the outstanding contributions and achievements of students at DWHS during the past twelve months. It was a lovely evening in which families and friends flooded the hall to watch their loved ones being recognised for their accomplishments.

Sports Day 2019

DWHS was delighted to host Sports Day 2019 at Perivale Park Athletics Track where students competed in 100m-1500m races, relay races, long jump, high jump, triple jump, shot put, discuss and javelin. 

Year 10 Mock Interviews 2019

Year 10 students practiced and prepared themselves for real life interview scenarios towards the end of summer term. Students dressed smart and sophisticated whilst beaming with confidence. 

Enrichment Week 2019

This term, every student had the very exciting opportunity to participate in Enrichment Days between 3rd-5th July. Each department arranged trips based on their specific subject area with aims to take the basic curriculum subjects and expand them, looking at them in more depth or from a different perspective.

Year 11 Prom 2019

Year 11 celebrated their prom at The Riverside Venue in Heathrow on the 27th June 2019. A gorgeous evening with an fantastic turnout and a tasty Indian cuisine that had everyone bursting at the seems. Students made full use of photo opportunities, posing in front of the indoor blossom tree and gathering into the photo booth. 

Year 13 Prom 2019

The Year 13 students celebrated their prom in style at the Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock on the 24th May 2019. A stunning and sophisticated evening in which students arrived on a red carpet with complementary drinks and a 3 course buffet. 

STEM Workshop 2019

On Monday 10th June, Y7, Y8 and Y9 took part in a range of STEM events. This involved external employees from various different institutions such as UCL and Ardmore Construction Group coming in to lead a workshop with classes. Students thoroguhly enjoyed participating in activities like building a bridge out of spaghetti and sellotape as well as designing their own buildings, amongst others.

The Great Dormers Bake Off 2019

Students and staff from different houses utilised their skills to support their houses in the Wimbledon themed Great Dormer’s Wells High School Bake off 2019! Students baked and sold their cakes at school and were assessed on attendance, team work, presentation, theme and final profits. House points are awarded to the teams in order of position, contributing as one of our last competitions before announcing House Winners of 2019!

Year 7 Trip to Kingston 2019

Year 7 students went on a trip to Kingston University to gain knowledge and insight into what university life is really like. Whilst they were there they attended workshops, were shown around by student ambassadors and built their own model universities, the winning team won gold medals for their hard effort.

Brilliant Club Graduation Ceremony 2019

Our Brilliant Club students had their graduation ceremony at Royal Holloway University on 15.05.19. These fantastic Year 10 students produced a 2,000 word piece of work and had it graded at the level of university standards. The students were awarded certificates and became part of the Scholars Programme alumni. 

Southall Waterside Trip 2019

A group of Year 8 students visited Southall Waterside to participate in the  ‘Have a go construction challenge 2019!’ The students explored the wider career opportunities in construction and learnt new STEM related skills. They worked in teams to compete in practical challenges which developed their communication and teamwork skills.  The winning DWHS team will be returning for the final in July!

Duke of Edinburgh

Our Duke of Edinburgh students and the various different expeditions they venture on.

Year 10 Enterprise Day 2019

Year 10 spent the day working with a range of business entrepreneurs brainstorming ideas, learning marketing techniques and practicing presentation skills to deliver a sales pitch for a bar of soap.The teams delivered their sales pitches infront of a panel of judges, staff and the year group and the winner recieved the opportunity for their bar of soap to be professionally made.

International Evening 2019

On the 25th April, Dormers Wells High School hosted the annual International Evening. On this night, our talented students come together to put on a show dispaying a diverse array of acts from all different backgrounds and cultures. 


Impressive artwork created by pupils throughout all year groups.

Robotics Competition 2019

Year 8 students, with the help of guests from Heathrow Airport, attended workshops in which they would make robots and programme them to move about to avoid obstacles and win the race. Labour MP Virendra Sharma came to watch the winning races. 

Geography Fieldwork Trip 2019

Year 11 Geography students have been working hard completing fieldwork towards their GCSEs. They spent the day in Southall analysing land use, sketching and assessing the surrounding areas and approaching local  members of the public to ask for their opinions for questionnaires. 

Scholars Club Evening 2019

On the 12th March, Year 7, 8 and 9 high achieving students attended Dormers Wells Scholars Club evening alongside their parents. The evening was to inspire students to do well in their studies and to get them thinking about their future. Dr Martijn Van Der Spoel engaged the crowd with a motivational speech along with video clips and some very entertaining experiments in which he involved the whole crowd.

Spanish Play 2019

On the 8th March Dormers Wells High School welcomed Onatti Productions, a company that tours European schools performing unique plays in French, Spanish, German and English. They put on an impressive Spanish performance ‘El Viejo Saloon’.

Yesar 12 UCAS Convention trip to Surrey University 2019

The students had the opportunity to meet and talk with representatives from over one hundred and thirty higher education institutions from all over the UK.  In addition to this, they watched general presentations on key areas of interest, such as UCAS application and student finance.

Learn to Learn Week 2019

Commencing 11th Febraury, Dormers Wells had learn to learn week. This week was aimed at helping students to realise the importance of learning how to retain important information that they learn during lessons and inevitably to help them prepare for exams successfully. Dr Martijn van der Spoel presented an interesting talk where he addressed students and their quality of learning through revision. Throughout the talk Martijn told stories, encouraged discussions, led games and gave advice on the best ways to encourage students to increase their information consumption and make it ‘stick’. 

STEM Careers Event 2019

On 7th February. Dormers Wells High School invited a range of different companies to talk to students who were specifically targeted for STEM pathways. The aim was to encourage students to learn more about STEM careers and how they can be fun as well as highly educational.

Careers Conference 2019

Dormers Wells Careers Conference, held on the 6th February, was extremely beneficial and an ultimate success. Various different Colleges, Universities and Businesses came to speak to students about the different options available in their futures. The all-day workshops allowed for Years 10, 11 and Sixth Form students to ask questions and get a greater understanding of the different pathways available to them. 

Parabolic Maths Exhibition 2019

The year 9 mathematicians have been working on an engineering / architectural project which uses A-level maths. The students found parabolic artefacts in the real world, took pictures or selfies and then used these pictures to explore the parabolic properties applying AS level Mathematics. 

Korean Visit 2019

DWHS was delighted to host a South Korean delegation of representitives from the Ministry of Education, and both primary and high school teachers. They we're visiting the UK to look at the teaching of STEM subjects and visited DWHS specifically to look  at our science and computer science curricula.