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    High Levels of Literacy is one of the nine key areas identified in the Dormers 9 which underpins and contributes to great learning.  At Dormers Wells High School, we place the highest importance on literacy skills as the foundation for learning. Literacy skills are pivotal to ensuring that students are able to access and engage in all subjects across the curriculum.

    Literacy is developed in all subjects by all teachers. There are also a number of literacy intervention programmes tailored to suit each individual student’s particular need.  These programmes are delivered in a clear and transparent way under the guidance and support of the Senior Leadership Team, Curriculum Support and the pastoral teams. 

    “Literacy is defined as the set of skills, which allow an individual to engage fully in society and in learning, through the different forms of language and the range of texts which society values and finds useful.”

    (Curriculum for Excellence: literacy across learning - principles and practice)


    Literacy in Action

    DWHS Presentation Expectations

    All students are encouraged to meet the school’s presentation expectations when completing any class work, home learning or extended learning activities.

    DWHS Literacy Marking Codes

    Teachers use the literacy marking codes to address errors of literacy in students’ writing. Students are expected to correct these errors using green pen during DIRT (Directed, Improvement & Reflection Time) activities.

    Speaking in full sentences and using Standard English.

    In order to prepare for academic success students are encouraged to speak in Standard English, and in full sentences.

    Pastoral timetable

    All students have a weekly My Key Skills (with an emphasis on literacy skills) session within their pastoral timetable. During this time, students work in pairs or groups to complete the literacy focus of the week with their form tutor along with the associated tasks in their My Key Skills Booklet.

    The Importance of Reading

    D.E.A.R Time

    D.E.A.R Time stands for ‘Drop Everything and Read’. This takes place once per week during a form time session and is designed to foster a love of reading. All students and staff are expected to read a book during this time. Our Library is fully resourced with a reading book to suit every taste and level.

    Accelerated Reader (AR)

    Accelerated Reader is a reading programme that students can log into in order to complete a quiz on the book they have just finished. AR can be accessed here.  The quiz tests their reading comprehension and literacy skills. All quizzes should be completed within 24 hours of reading the book. Year 7, Year 8 and a Year 9 AR target group have accounts with Accelerated Reader. 

    The Library

    The library provides extensive reading lists and is open from 8am until 5pm (including break and lunch)  to advise and guide students on reading.