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    Ofsted and Performance


    Our full Ofsted report

    Some of the highlights from each section of the report have been listed below.

    • A culture of high aspirations for all members of the school community
    • Pupils have high aspirations and work hard.
    • Pupils are proud of their school.
    • Staff know individuals well, and consequently relationships are good throughout.
    • Pupils and learners in the sixth form conduct themselves well.
    • The impressive new school building supports pupils effectively to make good progress.
    • The atmosphere is calm and orderly
    • Pupils are provided with opportunities to discuss issues such as bullying, radicalisation and child sexual exploitation. Pupils know who to talk to should they be concerned about a friend or themselves. They are confident that any issues will be dealt with quickly by staff.
    • 100% of parents who responded to the online survey Parent View noted they would recommend the school to other parents.