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    Dormers Wells High School  has  a thriving music department where students are given ownership of their own musical journeys.

    Teachers have studied at world renowned institutions and bring their love of music to life in the classroom.

    Music is taught in the classroom during timetabled lesson and students are encouraged to be a part of our extra-curricular activities both as participants and as student leaders.

    The key skills of performing, composing and listening are developed from the very start of Key Stage 3 with students in Year 9 branching out and developing their skills as part of the Arts Award or BTEC Music.  BTEC Music is also offered in Year 10/11.

    Students have a multitude of performance opportunities throughout the year ranging from informal lunchtime concerts, our bi-weekly music assemblies at a local primary school and formal concerts for invited guests.

    “I would teach children Music, Physics, and Philosophy; but most importantly Music, for the patterns in Music
    and all the Arts are the keys to learning”

    - Plato.


    key stage 3

    At key stage 3, the music curriculum gives all students an opportunity to develop their music skills and knowledge so that they can progress to the Silver Arts Award or BTEC Music at the end of Year 8.

    YEAR 7

Students develop their music technology, keyboard and guitar skills whilst exploring a range of musical genres. They learn to identify and describe music using a critical, specialist vocabulary and develop analytical skills which will enable them to better understand the music they experience every day.

    YEAR 8

    Student will further develop their performance and appraisal skills through a focus on the Western Classical Tradition, Minimalism, Folk Music and the Blues, having the opportunity to perform as a soloist and as part of an ensemble.


    As the Music curriculum is unitised, the relevant performance, composition and listening skills are assessed at the end of each unit with feedback given to students which is designed to aid their progress.

    key stage 4

    YEAR 9 

    Students can choose to complete the BTEC First Award in Music in Year 9 or to complete the Silver Arts Award as part of the Arts Rotation, both of which are Level 2 qualifications. AS part of both courses students will develop their performance skills and take a leadership role in the creation of a music or arts experience.

    YEAR 10 

    Students can choose to complete the BTEC First Award in Music across Year 10 and 11.